Welcome any POS hardware and peripheral manufacturers to do with WebPOS integration test!
Any small store to immediately install WebPOS, do not buy a cash register and POS cash register systems
We will always pursue a more simple operation, the system more stable and more feature-rich full version.
We need you to use the experience recommend it to everyone! The comments to tell us!
We are also in the January 31, 2008 to launch a retail online magazine Web site called the “flow Forum”
“Circulation Forum” provides the latest retail circulation Know-How, ideas, trends and POS applications, while providing industry information and training.
With WebPOS you do not need to buy a cash register it!
Download and install a simple PC now has a “traditional cash register”
WebPOS operation, fully consistent with the traditional cash register, use “amount into the sector”
WebPOS traditional cash register with all the buttons: discounts, rebates, and immediately corrected, specify correct, uniform numbers, Subtotal, Total and other buttons
WebPOS + touch = touch-screen ordering, touch the cash register
Download WebPOS, installed in a general PC, plus installed a touch screen format
Download WebPOS, installed in the touch control POS host, such as the left
Your PC or POS machines have at the bubble tea shop, like fast food or ordering the touch, or touch the cash register
WebPOS any POS devices can be installed, Serve a complete POS system
WebPOS can download and install in the general PC, plus all kinds of POS peripheral devices installed
WebPOS can also download and install a variety of POS in the market, one forming the host
We welcome all brands of POS equipment, can be sent to the Company, the Company will make every effort to assist the integration in.

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