Sales & Marketing Tools

NGI Sales-force Management System

  • Batch processing
  • Transaction numbers generated automatically or manually
  • Access to all accounts receivable reports and inquiries
  • Plain paper or preprinted picking slip formats
  • Commissions payable on booked or paid invoices
  • Ability to reapply payments and credits to specific invoices
  • Customer comments fields
  • Comprehensive online help
  • Scrollable, detailed descriptions for each item
  • Price matrixes
  • Invoice entry, editing, and viewing from a single screen
  • Open order report
  • Recurring entries list
  • Backorder allocation report
  • Customer levels list
  • Price structures list
  • Customer pricing list
  • Promotional pricing list
  • Customer analysis report
  • Customer sales report
  • Methods of payment
  • Implementation and first three month training


NGI Membership System (Member Club)

  • Secure logon with password (user-defined)
  • Database backup
  • Automatic backup reminders (user-defined)
  • Database restores
  • Unlimited records (disk size)
  • Data import facility (update data)
  • Data export facility
  • Many member types (user-defined)
  • Many classification fields (user-defined)
  • Auto-fill address from post/zip code
  • Multiple addresses
  • Store and display a member photograph
  • Data entry with prompts and look-up tables
  • Context-sensitive on-line help
  • On-line Tutorial
  • Payment screens
  • Enrolment screens
  • Activity / Events screens
  • Attendance screen
  • History screens
  • Multiple sort sequences of data
  • Organization details
  • Member comments (and medical)
  • Subscriptions and mailing information
  • Member roles/ Achievements (user-defined)
  • Member Debit information
  • Member Credit card information
  • Member households (links members)
  • Flexible subscription management
  • Pre-defined fast reporting
  • Ability to email reports
  • Broadcast Email
  • Web browser integration
  • Provide Member Different member Charge
  • Provide Automatic Periodical Charge
  • Monthly Membership E-mail Notify
  • Implementation and First Three Month Training


NGI Coupon Management System v1.0

  • Coupon Issuing
  • High level security with unique serial number and check code, prevent illegal replication or fake printing
  • Ideal for high face value coupon/ cash coupon, and presenting prestige towards the recipients
  • Record and keep track with coupon information such as date of issue, expiry date, distributor, use location, usage status etc.
  • Instant verification of validity using barcode
  • Support all types of barcode (depends on hardware configuration)
  • Full integration with Sales-force Management System and Invoice System


Account & Inventory Tools

NGI Invoice System

  • Plain paper or preprinted picking slip formats
  • Packing list data automatically generate from sales invoice
  • Warning displayed in sales invoice entry for customer accounts
  • On-line preview function provided for viewing updated quotation history, invoice history, on hand quantity of individual warehouse, on order quantity and reserved quantity
  • Automatic pricing incorporating customer/product or quantity discounts and special price, with optional manual override
  • Multi-currency invoicing with currency and quantity-sensitive contact
  • Cash receipts (banking)
  • Implementation and first three month training


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