SEO’s main task is through understanding how the various search engines crawl the Internet page, how to index and how to determine their right to a particular keyword search results ranking techniques, to optimize the Web page associated to improve search engine rank, thereby increasing site traffic, and enhance the site’s ability to sell or promote the ability of the technology.

Search engine optimization is such a technique that follows the search engine and comprehensive theory of scientific mechanisms, site structure, web sites written language and the interaction between foreign policy such as the deployment of rational planning to discover the greatest potential of the site so that the search engine rankings with a strong natural competitive advantage, thus promoting the business online sales and strengthen the network play a role in the brand.

Simply put, SEO is a way for site Baidu, Google, Yahoo and other search engines get better ranking in order to gain more potential customers of a network marketing model, which is SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a way.
In the above-mentioned basis, to become a good SEO, must have good and good original content.

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    That’s a very interesting point of view. I didn’t know about it. Keep developing your site, bravo ;)

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