MathCAD 15.0 Key Features

Mathcad is an integrated environment for performing and communicating maths-related work. It combines a powerful computational engine, accessed through conventional maths notation, with a full-featured word processor and graphing tools. Mathcad automates many tasks, including unit balancing and recalculation, saving you time and reducing errors. Expert documentation, sample applications and context-sensitive Help ensure you complete projects quickly and communicate the results effectively.

Here are some of the key features which make Mathcad the technical calculation software of choice for engineers and scientists all over the world:

  • Comprehensive mathematical functionality including dynamic, unit-aware calculations and hundreds of built-in functions
  • Instant recalculation whenever you change a variable
  • Easy to use help features plus guided tutorials for all operations
  • Integrated standard mathematical notation, text and graphics – all contained in a single worksheet
  • Easy integration with other applications, including Pro/ENGINEER and PTC’s Product Development System, VisSim, MATLAB and Excel.
  • An intuitive, whiteboard interface that lets you simultaneously design, solve and document engineering calculations
  • Comprehensive document formatting and security features
  • Open architecture supporting .NET and native XML format
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