PTC Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher 11.0 enables automatic publishing of complex documents without compromising quality. Best-in-class typographic capabilities coupled with powerful automation tools allow users to create DTP-quality output in a server or desktop environment. Interactive fine-tuning enables content and aesthetic changes to be made after composition.

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Release Note

11.0 M100 (Build 3487)

  • Prevented “xmlns:” prefix appearing on default namespace declarations in XSLT output. (SPR 4741954)
  • Footnotes: implemented ‘multiplecalls 2’ and multiplecallsattributes to selectively ignore attributes when comparing if footnotes are the same and so should be skipped (SPR 2889278)
  • Improved inline keeps(SPR 2813106, 2813660, 2813712, 2814766)
  • Fixed problem importing a PDF file when a page number and a PDF Box are both specified. (SPR 4880150)
  • Fixed incorrect width of Figure Space and Punctuation Space in some Truetype/Opentype fonts. (SPR 2812614)
  • Footnotes: fixed performance and formatting when there are footnotes that occur on later pages but are within a row that starts on the current page (SPR 2045907)
  • Footnotes: fixed potential crash when processing a footnote that is in the wait list or the delayed list (SPR 2045907)
  • Fixed display of stream markers when they occur at the end of a line (including footnote markers)
  • Fixed use of footnote and index PI’s when they occur at the start of a word that overflows to the next line or page.
  • Fixed use of FOM index references when they occur at the start of a word that overflows to the next line or page.
  • Fixed autocopy, so even if the main stream has finished it knows to keep creating pages whilst there are footnotes still queued up. (SPR 2045907)
  • Fixed problem printing to GIF using a detailed half-tone control stream. (SPR 4989676)
  • Updated PDF driver to output named colours in their defined colourspace. (SPR 4947593)
  • Fixed problems with saved dialogue positions when using multiple monitors.
  • Updated PDFlib library to latest version 9.0.6 (SPR 4989786)
  • Fixed problems with inconsistent rule widths in PostScript output. (SPR 2812700)
  • Fixed problems Thai character placement in some fonts. (SPR 5058411)

V11.0 M090

  • Fixed potential corruption and duplication of text when balancing columns that are restarting at the top of the current frame/page (SPR 2137977)
  • Added options to downsample images in PDF driver.
  • Added support for transparency in TIFF, GIF and PNG files.
  • Added support for ICC colour profiles in TIFF, JPEG and PNG files.
  • Fixed tcaps case mapping when language is Turkish. (SPR 2258202)
  • Fixed use of overprint in PDF output. (SPR 2812766)
  • Fixed hyphenation of words containing discretionary hyphen and only private use characters. (SPR 2813479)
  • Fixed problems when closing the APP OCX control with open documents. (SPR 2214832)
  • Fixed error message when printing to PDF/A-2a with text accolades. (SPR 2812605)
  • Implemented fstyle.wordSpaceSquashMode which if true means that word space squash will only be applied when justifying
  • A major overhaul of accoladesare drawn and when they repeat, particularly to cope with tables that split mid-row (SPR 2257349)
  • Fix to correctly detect empty cells so accolades draw from the top of the cell instead of from the first line in the cell (SPR 2257349)
  • Fixed use of extended orphan rows when breaking mid-row (SPR 2197196)
  • Fixed side-by-side so that content in other frames isn’t affected by the block being avoided (SPR 2813430)
  • Fixed the combination of using footnotes and colsets together (SPR 2812447)
  • Fixed use of nameup and namedown when measuring the size of footnotes (SPR 2812462/2223737)
  • Fixed pointer error with wrap references when typing in partial format mode (SPR 2812425)
  • Set the default vj spacing below a table to 0 in the styler template to prevent large spaces below tables when VJing (SPR 4608150)
  • Fixed dropped footnotes and the corruption of the stream that could occur when using combined footnotes with splitting and a step enabled (SPR 4439831)
  • Fixed possibility of footnotes that should have been delayed, being deleted altogether instead (2nd fix for SPR 4439831)
  • Fixed problem where using tfweight or tfitalic would lose letter spacing.
  • Fixed lockup in OCX when trying to run in interactive mode when not on a visible workstation.
  • Fixed problems with EPS files containing ‘bad’ embedded subset founts. (SPR 4461732)
  • Changed PDF driver to output cutting guides in black, rather than Registration colour when Monochrome output requested. (SPR 2889719)
  • Renamed fColor.type property to fColor.colorType, preventing clash with fControl.type property on fNamedColor objects.
  • Fixed fNamedColor overprint property (SPR 4510677)
  • Ensure DOM streams are written to a saved file even if they have not been parsed (SPR 2889652)
  • Fixed issues with parsing default namespaces in XML
  • Fixed XML node info for entities (SPR 2182455)
  • Fixed XSLT xsl:key and EXSLT str:tokenize() (SPR 2182403)
  • Fixed XML serializing to preserve whitespace correctly in text, PI and CDATA nodes.
  • Added new frame gutter rule mode 3 so they avoid overlapping frames (SPR 2812743/2259851)
  • Fixed problem with bookmarks in PDF output created with APP Standard edition. (SPR 2812707)
  • Fixed footnotes when avoiding specified frames so that horizontal position is taken into account (SPR 4597717)
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